Hinge Capital - a decade in the making
We may have a new flag , but we've been at it for a decade now. We’ve learned a lot and we’re a different company than we were in 2009, so we needed a new brand to represent our vision. Venture51 is now H//NGE Capital.

H//NGE Capital is an Austin, TX based venture capital firm that invests in high technology companies, leveraging our new, modern venture platform that supports the most promising founders in high-growth markets. Whether it’s Seed, Pre-seed, Friends & Family, Angel, Post-seed, Series A or anything in between, we want in early. We want to put our time, energy and capital behind courageous founders solving hard technological problems.

We’re not commodity capital; we’re a platform (with products and programs) led by operators, data scientists, designers and engineers, guided by investors, and equipped with patient and flexible capital to make risk-on investments in next-gen vertical technologies.
Measure of Impact
Economic Impact
$ 100B
Human Impact
Founder Impact
Our Platform of Value
Our perspective is that instead of teams of financial analysts, the modern venture firm has teams of skilled operators: people who have built companies, people who use bleeding-edge technology to leverage an unmatched, constantly-growing data set that empowers them to drive their vision. Instead of using Excel, we use the tools that other great companies use to build great outcomes, which are software, data science and machinery. Rehinged.AI is the platform we built so founders can gather these deep insights.

H//NGE Capital Team
Everyone on the investment team has founded companies, successfully sold multiple companies and also failed companies. We know the feeling of missed payrolls and have put mortgages on credit cards. We understand the turbulence of entrepreneurship. Some of our most meaningful moments are times spent with our founders, over the years, talking through difficult situations.
Ryan Swagar
Co-founder / Managing Partner
Brandon Zeuner
Co-founder / Managing Partner
Brandon Ring
Ellen Polcari
Venture Concierge
Beverly Tang
CPA / back-office / Aduro Advisors
Boz Bundalo
CTO / Product Dev / UI/UX
Jim Sagar
Head of Data / Rehinged CEO
Zach Hamilton
Venture Partner
Olivier Izacard, PHD
Data Scientist